Rugs are a beautiful addition to any home, adding warmth and texture to a space. However, rugs can also collect dirt, dust, and other debris over time, which can make them look dingy and dull. Professional rug cleaning is a great way to restore the beauty of your rug and extend its lifespan. Here are some of the methods that professionals use to clean rugs.

  1. Odour Removal
  2. Dust Extraction
  3. Spot Cleaning
  4. Wet Washing
  5. Air Drying

All these methods are used in order to achieve the best results possible. Read on to find out how each stage of the process works.

Odour Removal

Often, when dirt and debris become trapped deep in the fibres of your rug they can begin to leave a bad odour. This can also happen when liquids such as milk or pet urine get onto your rug and are not cleaned properly.

In order to remove foul or strong odours from rugs we place them in a specially designed airtight chamber where we can remove all the oxygen from the air. By removing the oxygen from the air it also removes even the strongest and most stubborn odours by getting into all the individual fibres of the rug and leaving no trace that there was ever an odour.

Dust Extraction

The second stage in the process is to extract all the dust that has become trapped deep in the pile of the rug. We use a specialized dusting machine to remove embedded dirt and dust from the fibers of the rug. The machine uses high-powered air pressure to shake loose the dirt and dust, which is then sucked up by the machine. This step is particularly important for Oriental and Persian rugs, as they often have deep piles and can hold onto dirt and debris that is not easily removed by vacuuming alone.

Spot Cleaning

In some cases, a rug may have spots or stains that require special attention. Professional rug cleaners will use specialized cleaning agents to treat these spots and remove the stains. The cleaning agent is applied to the spot and then gently worked into the fibers of the rug. After a short time, the cleaning agent is removed during the wet washing process, along with the stain.

Wet Washing

Once the rug has been dusted and treated for stains, its time to wash it. Professional rug cleaners will use a variety of methods for washing, depending on the type of rug and the level of soiling. In general rugs are either washed by hand or with a specialised machine designed for rug washing.

Hand washing involves using gentle detergents and a soft bristle brush to clean the rug, It is then rinsed thoroughly to remove any remaining soap or dirt. This would be best for antique and Persian rugs where the dyes may be more likely to run if not treated with care.

Machine washing involves using a specialised machine that agitates the rug in a gentle but rather thorough manner to remove the dirt and debris. This is quicker than hand washing but less gentle on the rug.

Air Drying

After the rug has been washed and spot cleaned, it’s important to dry it thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew growth. Professional rug cleaners will hang the rug up to dry and use specialised equipment such as blowers and dehumidifiers to dry it quickly and efficiently. It’s important to ensure that the rug is completely dry before placing it back on the floor.

In conclusion, professional rug cleaning involves a number of steps to ensure that your rug is thoroughly cleaned and restored to its original beauty. Vacuuming, dusting, washing, spot cleaning, and drying are all important steps that professional cleaners use to clean and protect your rug. By using these methods, professional cleaners can extend the life of your rug and help it look its best for years to come.

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