The table here under is a guideline of cost. They are calculated per square meter, per size and composition of the pile.

They may vary slightly as each rug is fully examined on arrival ,for a full assessment of the cleaning required. More work, extra time and extra stain removal may be needed, thus affecting the initial cost printed in this table.

They also vary from the fee you may have been quoted by us over the phone or by email, which would be based on the information you supplied, as some factors such as size, material used, age of the rug, to name a few may differ slightly from your initial description.

In this event, you will be informed before going ahead with the process.

* Please Note *

Full Wash Includes : Dust extraction, stain removal, full wet wash (Numerous if required), odor removal, fully air dried

Regular Wash Includes : full wet wash, fully air dried (Approx 30% less than full wash)