ALL cleaning is carried out in our premises.

Each rug is photographed on arrival, and again on completion.

It is then inspected for its quality and condition.

Each rug is then inspected for its quality and its condition,and also for the composition of the pile and the nature of the dyes used, to decide whether a WET WASHING or a DRY CLEANING PROCESS should be used.

Soft brushes and state of the art cleaning machines are used at all times to make sure no damage is done to the pile.

Each rug is carefully inspected once the cleaning process is complete, and a photograph of the clean rug is taken.

Finally, an assessment of the success is done. If we feel the problem still remains, we call the client and explain the situation to discuss the options available.

Before cleaning

After cleaning


The cleaning process involves removing all dirt and grime first. Each rug is thoroughly hoovered. This has to be very meticulously done in order to achieve the best results.

A dye-run test is carried out before starting the cleaning to test for colour-run and stability of dyes. This is essential to make sure the right detergents are used in order to avoid a colour-run or discolouration.

A PH test is also carried out to check for any acidity content in the pile. This is to ascertain if the rug has been cleaned already with strong detergents or if the owner has used a strong cleaning agent to remove a stain, as those detergents may reappear or react in the new cleaning process.

As we are very concerned about the environment, we use non-toxic eco-friendly detergents, and organic soaps, low in PH, that do not have any bleaching effect.

Once the rug has been washed, it is then thoroughly rinsed out with fresh water, this is an essential part of the process.

The last part of the process is the drying. Once the rug has been thoroughly rinsed out, it is air dried naturally – proper drying is critical, so as not to cause disruption to the pile.

A humidity test is carried out once the drying is over to make sure no trace of humidity remains. We must be satisfied that the rug is totally dry before final inspection and dispatch to its owner.

Finally the rug is then gently brushed by hand. This is to make sure the pile has not been disturbed and has regained its original softness.