There are many reasons to get your rug cleaned by a rug cleaning professional, whether you have a party coming up and want your home looking spotless or maybe you have stains in your rug that you would like removed, there’s many different reasons to clean your rug and many advantages that come with using a professional rug cleaner to do it.

Save Time

Although most people hoover their rugs on a weekly basis, it never seems to be enough. No matter how much you hoover there are often dust particles and other debris that can become trapped deep in the fibres of your rug which a normal hoover can fail to extract.

Some people try to solve this themselves by renting cleaning machines but unfortunately these are often inadequate and cannot do the job as quickly or efficiently as a professional rug cleaner. When it comes to cleaning rugs at home using a machine, the main challenge is trying to dry the rug quickly which is often quite difficult and can mean leaving your rug damp on the floor for numerous days. It can also be difficult to know what strength cleaning solution to use and what techniques are best to remove stains on different rugs as these can vary depending on the quality, depth of the pile, the type of stain and the fibres used in the rug.

By using a professional rug cleaning service, you avoid the hassle of trying to clean and dry the rug yourself and you are guaranteed that professional equipment is used which means a deeper and more effective clean than you would achieve otherwise and you can be sure that the correct methods are used.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Rug

Rugs can sometimes be an expensive purchase and as a result you want your rug to last for as long as it can. Even though your rug may not look particularly dirty or have any stains, the daily wear and tear faced by rugs in high traffic areas, such as hall runners, can begin to take its toll on your rug. One of the most obvious effects of this is a fading in colour due to dirt and dust becoming logged in the fibres and dulling even the most vibrant colours. By regularly getting your rug professionally cleaned it can revive your rug’s colour, making it look like new which means it won’t need to be replaced as soon and can save you a lot of money.

Getting your rug cleaned by a professional rug cleaner also gives an expert the opportunity to examine your rug and spot any signs of damage on the rug which may cause problems if left untreated. For example fraying edges or loose threads are always easier to deal with when spotted and taken care of earlier rather than being ignored.

Eliminates Odours

All rugs eventually have something spilled on them which can cause stains, this may be from food and drinks or maybe even mess from beloved family pets. Although these can be cleaned and in some cases may not leave a stain, the odours that they leave behind can be difficult to ignore. No matter how much cleaning you do at home, once an odour is embedded in your rug it can be nearly impossible to remove without the use of professional equipment.

Creates a Clean and Healthy Environment in Your Home

Having your rug regularly professionally cleaned can also help to make your home a more clean and healthy environment. When your rug gets professionally cleaned it removes the more stubborn particles which can be buried in your rug, especially in longer pile rugs. A buildup of dust in your rug can sometimes agitate those with hayfever or asthma so it can be a good idea to stay on top of this by getting your rug professionally cleaned frequently.

Moths love wool rugs, and if left undisturbed can ruin the rug, often beyond repair. By having the rug cleaned, it disrupts and removes any moths that may have decided to call your rug ‘home’ before they have the chance to cause any damage to your rug or before they spread to other parts of your home.

Here at, we have over 30 years of experience in cleaning all kinds of rugs from silk hand knotted pieces to persian wool rugs to acrylic machine made rugs. With our specially designed facility and state of the art equipment you can rest assured that your rug is getting the very best treatment currently available in Ireland.

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